How RPM Works

Manufacturers and their dealer networks use RPM to fill workshop capacity, hit part sales targets and increase service retention. All without spending any additional time on administration, beyond initial setup.

Easy to implement, easy to use

We've designed RPM to be as simple to use as possible - for everyone who uses it. Our video talks you through what RPM can provide, where it integrates with your business and how we provide continual support.  


RPM sets aftersales in motion in 7 steps

It’s simple to add RPM to existing business systems and aftermarket processes - with numerous benefits for both manufacturers and dealer networks. 


RPM is designed specifically for the automotive sector, to automate service retention customer contacts. With data cleansing against DVLA/DVSA, predictive algorithms and multi-channel communications, you gain more time to focus on providing excellent customer experiences.

Check and adjust

STEP ONE: Consultation
Your dedicated account manager visits to understand your brand, customers and business. Once RPM is running, they’ll return every quarter to share sector insight and make improvements.

STEP TWO: Integration
Depending on your business needs we can integrate RPM with CRM systems and DMS providers or set simple trigger events, such as customer invoices, for data capture.


Automate contact

STEP THREE: Daily updates
CRM, DMS or invoice data is passed to RPM each day in compliance with GDPR. This data includes New/Used sales to ensure we communicate with all of your customers.

STEP FOUR: Cleansing and prediction
RPM adds our business rules to your data, such as expected service reminders, and completes data cleansing with DVLA and DVSA before any communications are sent.

STEP FIVE: Communications
RPM sends branded communications according to your defined channel hierarchy – email, direct mail and SMS. We also provide multi-channel follow ups to confirm receipt.


Complete conversion

STEP SIX: Service booking
In response to RPM’s communications, customers contact your customer service or dealer network team to arrange a booking. Or have us call customers first with our Appointment Booking Service (ABS) option.

STEP SEVEN: Work completed
As with any normal service booking, the vehicle work is carried out by technicians in your dealer network and invoiced – setting the RPM process in motion again.


Our results


MOT and service retention


Return for every £1 of
single location retailer spend


Return for every £1 of
larger group retailer spend

Accelerate aftersales with RPM

Reach more customers, increase service retention and boost your share of the aftermarket.

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