Jaguar Land Rover on the charm offensive in aftersales

Jaguar Land Rover on the charm offensive in aftersales

Posted: by Stericycle on Dec 06, 2019

In October, we launched RPM – our aftersales predictive marketing platform – alongside analysis of the marketing behaviour of many of the world’s biggest and best-known manufacturers.

In compiling the report, we came across a number of clever techniques that manufacturers have used to encourage repeat custom as part of their aftersales. However, perhaps one of the most creative we discovered comes from British multinational automotive company, Jaguar Land Rover, which has seen remarkable success for an ingenious aftersales campaign in China.

In March this year, the company launched its ‘Lady First’ campaign following research that found that 75% of women believed big automotive manufacturers do not appreciate the needs of female drivers.

Jaguar Land Rover vowed to provide female car owners with exclusive services including breakdown assistance and priority aftersales help and support. But there was more to it than just that. Going above and beyond, the brand packaged up travel offers, priority access to test drives as well as special upgrades to ensure their growing female audience stayed with them for years to come. Such was the success of the campaign, it was documented in a Mintel trends report – What Women Want.

The automotive industry has long been male dominated, however companies have realised the buying power of females and are now tuning their aftersales messaging to cater to their specific needs.

As the number of female drivers continues to grow, so too will their purchasing power. Mintel noted that 70% of female respondents to a recent survey said that they are mainly responsible for maintaining the car – up from 56% from 2018.

While this research only gives us an insight into women’s contribution to the aftersales market in China, we believe that this surge in female dominance will translate to European markets.

Moving away from China, in Philadelphia Girls Auto Clinic opened a Clutch Beauty Bar, where female motorists could take advantage of its beauty maintenance facility while their vehicles were undergoing services and repairs. It offered its customers manicures, pedicures and various other treatments one would expect to find in a high-end salon.

Like us, Mintel believes the world will see more auto manufacturer franchises investing in ways to attract more female customers to their aftersales services because women are in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding on whether to stay with their original manufacturing franchise or switch to an independent garage.

At RPM, it is our job to gather and interrogate data to find what it is that motorists really want from brands. The aftersales market is constantly evolving and we know how consumer marketing can boost the aftersales market for OEMs and manufacturer franchise dealerships.

You can read more about how consumers and technology are impacting the automotive aftermarket in our RPM insights reports