MOTs in Northern Ireland have been suspended

MOTs in Northern Ireland have been suspended

Posted: by Stericycle on Feb 02, 2020

Almost all MOTs in Northern Ireland have been suspended over safety fears in testing equipment.

Cracks were found in most vehicle lifts in the country’s 15 MOT centres, equating to 48 out of 55 lifts in operation.

Inspections showed that the repairs were not up to health and safety standards which means that it is currently impossible to get an MOT carried out in Northern Ireland. Tests for cars and other light vehicles have been suspended until further notice.

MOTs for heavy goods vehicles, motorcycles and busses are continuing as normal.

It is believed that it could take months to resolve the situation if all of the defective lifts need to be replaced. The country has put in place temporary exemption certificates for motorists with cars that are five years old or more.

The lifts were installed originally in 2012 and underwent routine inspections and maintenance.

The system Northern Ireland has in place is like other European countries where tests can only be performed in publicly owned MOT centres. Vehicles in Scotland, England and Wales are tested in approved MOT garages across the country.

In the wake of this news, we would expect other European countries to order an inspection of lifts. It could lead to a large recall process and perhaps even a change in the test centre process. With this challenge comes opportunity for OEMs to collaborate with government bodies to address the backlog.

Aftersales is set to experience a renaissance as people hold onto their cars for longer. MOTs provide the most revenue in the sector because they cover all aspects of the vehicle. Motorists will even have a pre-MOT test, to diagnose any obvious issues and have them fixed before the vehicle undergoes the real test.

If Northern Ireland does eventually decide to follow the test of the UK and open the process up to the wider aftercare market, we will see OEMs hone in securing a significant market share.

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