OEMs should stand together to stub out rogue retrofits

OEMs should stand together to stub out rogue retrofits

Posted: by Stericycle on Dec 22, 2019

Early December, newspapers around the world reported that a New Yorker died after being crushed by an empty vehicle that started automatically by remote control.

Investigations into the tragedy are ongoing. The manufacturer was swift to respond with condolences for the man and his family, and it confirmed that the OEM did not offer a factory-installed remote start in this particular car model.

This suggests that such a remote ignition system would have needed to be retrofitted to work with the car.

While accidents like this one are rare, they do happen. One thing OEMs are making sure of is that customers know that by investing in a vehicle bought directly from source; motorists can rest assured that the technology is fit for purpose.

There is a job to be done in spreading the safety narrative amongst drivers. Of course there are plenty of independent garages who are reputable, however, when it comes to accountability, OEMs are top of the class.

With the badge comes responsibility. Car manufacturers rely on brand reputation to make sales, and this approach is filtering its way into aftercare services.

The automotive aftermarket has been dominated by independent garages for some time, but we believe we are on the cusp of a massive shift as cars become more sophisticated and complicated to maintain. Technology will force motorists to look to OEMs and manufacturer franchises for services, MOTs and repairs.

With more and more people keeping their cars longer, demand for top quality service and repairs will rise tenfold. However, OEMs must continue to invest in their aftermarket customer services to manage the narrative that ‘original’ equals ‘safety and quality’.

We make it our mission to examine the automotive aftersales market alongside consumer trends to support OEMs in a technological minefield.  

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