Why Use RPM

Manufacturers and franchised dealers without RPM could be missing out on better quality customer communications that strengthen their business.

Here’s why automotive manufacturers choose RPM

The UK’s automotive aftermarket is growing at around 3% per annum, with more vehicles being serviced each year. Yet manufacturers and franchised dealers do not always secure their share.


Communication can change this.  RPM allows automotive manufacturers and dealers to make better use of their channels of contact with customers.

Developed by an automotive industry partner

RPM is powered by Stericycle Expert Solutions, a business with decades of global experience in the automotive industry. We understand the pressures faced by manufacturers and dealers - particularly in the aftermarket.

Sales of new cars are under pressure. Cars are entering the used market sooner, thanks to finance options like PCP. And the average age of cars on the road is rising - up to 8.1 years by 2022 - which could benefit the independent aftermarket disproportionately.

RPM is created specifically to enable automotive aftersales.


Offering fresh insight into the automotive aftermarket

We know that the market is continually changing, so we regularly refresh our understanding. In a recent survey of 1,500 car owners we found that new car drivers are turning to the independent aftermarket (IAM) for perceived benefits - even while still under warranty. Only 13.8% of new car owners said “nothing would prompt me to switch to the IAM for servicing”.

RPM is updated based on insights from research and global data.

Read our insights and spotlight reports for opportunities to communicate valued benefits of your network more clearly and retain parts spend.


Delivering high quality customer communications

We bring together data cleansing, predictive algorithms and multi-channel contact management so you can focus on providing excellent customer experiences.

  • Data cleansing is intrinsically GDPR compliant and syncs crucial information, such as customer address and car ownership status, against DVLA/DVSA data sources.
  • Predictive algorithms help ensure that customers are contacted at the right times with the right messages.
  • Multi-channel contact management gives you the power to reach customers nationwide through their preferred communication method.

RPM empowers you to build brand loyalty, grow parts sales and control costs.


Our results


MOT and service retention


Return for every £1 of
single location retailer spend


Return for every £1 of
larger group retailer spend

Accelerate aftersales with RPM

Reach more customers, increase service retention and boost your share of the aftermarket.

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